Mike Durthaler, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer

Not really.  However, as old as I am, the picture isn't that ancient.  A good friend of mine once said in reply about his age was, "I knew Ben Gay when he was straight."

I was born May 23rd, 1953 in German Village in Columbus, Ohio.  Our family lived in Grove City across from what was a very large farm.  Seeing it nowadays, I recalled the 2 large maple trees out front.  Fortunately they're still there as landmarks but the farm across the street, the stream out back and across several miles of fields, it's all developed now.

Our family moved to Newark, Ohio, where I graduated in 1971.  I've worked for my church in various parts of the country.  I've also served in the Air Force during Vietnam, from June 1972 to June 1978.  I'm a lifetime member of the Air Force Sergeants Association.

All through this I've set the guitars down for a few months here and there but kept playing through it all.

I currently work as a programmer in Columbus, Ohio.